Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

First off, Happy Birthday to Carly! After breakfast did the old £15 weekend first class upgrade with Virgin which was nice on the way home. Once through London it was straight back to Brighton for the afternoon. Obviously on the cards was the quiz where we reclaimed our usual position of second!

A shot of Mastodon from yesterday.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Made for Manchester today. The Fish joined me which made for an enjoyable journey.

Met up with Emma and headed for the venue to do a shoot with a very tired Mastodon. They got right into it by the end so came away with some great shots.

Went for dinner with the Fish's mates Caroline and Martin who were an absolute scream. Headed back to the venue for the show which was impossible to shoot as they had about 12 lights of which 8 was the most used at one time! After a quick goodbye went back to the hotel bar and along with the Fish, Caroline, and Martin met up with Phoebe who was in town doing work with her new favorite band! Once all the drinks were finished we decided to call it a night.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Spent the morning answering loads of emails and working through a few jobs in the p-shop. Went into London for a meeting and then carried onto the Champion and their very reasonable priced drinks with Paul Harries, Tom later joined by Simon and the Fish.

After one too many found a curry house down Berwick Street that was great. Had to eat quick so I could make it to the Forum for Dead By Sunrise. Made it there just in time and shot the first 3 songs which had to be some of the worst lighting I'd seen in ages. There could have been a CD playing as the only time you saw them was when one of the kids in the crowd camera flash went off. Did have a good chat with Awais and Andrew which was the best part of the gig!

Met up again with Tom, Paul, and the Fish at the Coach & Horses for a few more drinks and then caught a late train home.

Would have put up a shot of Dead By Sunrise but I couldn't see them. So here's one of the Futures in the current issue of K!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Had a shoot booked today with Foxy Shazam, and on the way to town was asked to do another one after with Crime in Stereo.

The Lexington Pub was nice enough to let us use a big part of their pub for the first shoot with Foxy Shazam. Nice guys who had their look and poses down to an art. After two setups I packed down with Alex who was a massive help. We carried onto the water rats to do shoot number two with Crime in Stereo. Again nice guys and blanking on Scott the drummer's name calling him George instead proved to be added comedy! Anna rocked it by sorting so last minute.

After the shoot made the mistake of getting a cab from the water rats back to K! towers which took almost an hour. After that home with a few train beers of course, a shot of Hole from last night.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Up early without a hangover which was lucky. Ian and I caught a taxi back to the train station, and then onto the airport where we landed back at Gatwick on time. At Gatwick, we wandered over the huge bridge that planes go under which Ian was very excited about!

Headed back to Brighton dropped everything off did a little bit of work before going into London. Had a quick meal with the Fish and her friends around Carnaby Street then went over to Shepherd's Bush Empire for the Hole show. Very poor lighting to go with the usual boring restrictions. Did get on a train back to Brighton in good time though.

Here's a shot of the Straight Lines which we did a few weeks ago. I was just the executor as the Fish came up with the idea and Pam did all the illustrations!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A very early rise and a train to Gatwick. Met up with Ian to endure the North Terminal shuttle bus which takes far too long. Made it on time to Amsterdam and after catching a train into town and a taxi to the hotel Ian and I went for a wander around town. Even the Red Light District seemed to be busy in the early afternoon while snowing!

After checking into the hotel we made for the Melkweg where we met up with Skindred. Had a quick shoot to start by the canal right by the venue and then we hung out for the rest of the day. Really nice guys and had a blast all day. Even Ian enjoyed himself, at one point he was answering the questions to Benji's email interview much to all our amusement!

Show was great and afterward hit a pub around the corner before the band's early bus call and heading back to the hotel.

Monday, February 15, 2010

More from yesterday's trip to the British Wildlife Centre where we are now members!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Today was the anti Valentines Day. The Fish and I met up with Lucy at Gatwick then carried onto the British Wildlife Centre for a nice wander around. Hit the usual pub before heading back to Gatwick then home.

To continue with our non Valentines did the Sunday Pub quiz and won, again!

A Harvest Mouse from the BWC...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Went up to Brixton for a shoot with Lamb Of God today. Got it done very quickly, and managed to find Hoogie who is a guitar tech for the band. Hadn't seen Hoogie in just over a year but it was still good to see him. Was going to stay for the show but had a few things to sort out in the evening. Here's a shot of Randy from last year's Sonisphere at Knebworth.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Had an early call from Paul to fill in doing Dillinger Escape Plan today as he wasn't feeling too well.

Made it to the venue and setup in the main bar area. Once we got started the band were brilliant as they took direction very well which made for a great "short" shoot. We even exchanged names for the fat gravity dragged neck that plagues many people which I've always called the Du-lap Flap. I think "Throatum" which Dillinger coined was fantastic though!

I mentioned banter the other day and how usually the newer bands are all over it... The instant rapport and banter with DEP was hilarious and especially Billy the "new" drummer was a great sport with most of the abuse going his way!

After an afternoon meeting headed home and spent the evening trying to sort some drinks with Zack next week. A preview from the shoot today featuring Tom Bryant up to his old tricks of getting in the back of at least one frame the shoots I do that he is present at. I did text him a couple of times during his interview to ask if that was the equivalent of him jumping in the back of the shot!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A day of research, also not sure on the schedule for tomorrow as I could be filling in for Paul Harries on a shoot with Dillinger Escape Plan tomorrow.

Booked a shoot today for the beginning of March with a band I never thought I would shoot. Looking forward to it! Couldn't find the shots of them I took in 98 so here's one from the Tattoo The Earth tour back in 2000.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Had an email from Simon Sarin today about going to see the football again this Saturday. Too bad as I have a shoot right after kick off in Brixton so it won't be able to make it.

Here's a shot of ispystrangers which is out today in Kerrang! Had a thanks through from the Mikey. Politeness and thanks emails seem to be the way forward for the last few newer bands I've shot of late. They also usually the ones that are the best sports with a bit of banter as well!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Been looking into the changes that Blogger is making soon to the ftp well basically just ditching it, which means this blog may go through a complete change and be down for a bit...

Sorted a load of images from yesterday before heading into town. Met up with Paul Harries and his mate Simon for some Fish and Chips and a few drinks. Once joined by Tom and the Fish we made for the Leicester Square Theatre for Richard Herring's Hitler Moustache.

Show was good but I think in the way that the amazing Rammstein show has ruined me for gigs, Jerry Sadowitz has done with comedy. You just want it to be that little more in your face. Comedians please don't hold back!

Here's a pic of Turbowolf which is out in tomorrow's Kerrang!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Caught an early train with David who told some of the most hilarious stories from when he lived in Manchester on the way into town. Stopped in at the office and then carried onto the Garage in Islington to meet up with Phoebe, Ian, and You Me At Six.

Basically today was to follow them around, started by doing a quick shoot out the back of the venue with the band and a load of fans. Carried onto a signing/acoustic performance at HMV which had the most heavy handed security I've ever seen at one of those type events.

A quick stop at the Raw Power offices and then back to venue for the show. Had to have been one of the hottest shows I can remember as the lenses were constantly fogging up the whole time. Did get some decent shots though and managed to get out in time so I didn't have to catch the final train of the evening.

A shot from the signing where Ian was looking quite suspicious while flipping through the Metal sections. I think Phoebe's smile in the background makes the shot!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Started the day with some funny banter and booked tickets to see Richard Herring's Hitler Moustache on Tuesday.

Being Sunday went to the Windmill Pub Quiz where we pulled it out of the bag and won for the first time. Be it only by 1 and half points we all had the skills and contributions. The Fish's brilliant answers from outta nowhere, Garrett's anagram skills, and David all round general knowledge! At least I brought being able to identify slivers of full page celeb pics to the table in particular Samantha Fox! Finished the evening off in the Florist drinking all the winnings away, as you do!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

A leisurely morning before heading back to the Roundhouse for more of the Young Guns due to yesterday's train antics.

Had a quick chat with the Blackout guys who seemed excited about the "pyro" they had for their set. I mentioned I'd seen Rammstein a few days earlier and said it will probably be the equivalent of a sparkler which they laughed at!

On my way out noticed the good police of London had a drug sniffer dog at Chalk Farm station, isn't that cheating? Airports OK I can understand but it's not like there is a border to cross from any destination you can get too from Chalk Farm.

Southern didn't disappoint with another take forever journey home which again took way longer than it should have done. Was going to go for a few drinks with the Telegraphs but due to the train delays they'd all gone home by the time I returned!

Here's a shot from tonight which I think turned out well.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Sorted out all the pics from last night's fantastic Rammstein show. Then a complete joke of a train journey which no advance warning was given on. Took almost 2 hours to get into London from Brighton. That coupled with the Young Guns set being brought forward by 45 minutes missed the beginning.

Southern don't be so shit! It goes back to, fuck the ads you'd be better off spending it on the train line maintenance!

Had a few drinks with all the usual suspects and then Fish and I called it a night giving Southern a miss altogether and getting home in the time that was advertised!

More from last night's amazing show!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Spent the morning sorting images and a few upcoming jobs. Caught a late train to London dropped in the office and then carried onto Wembley Arena with the Fish and Lucy. Met up with Paul who was taking Max out to his first gig. I can only imagine Rammstein being my first gig, you would basically be ruined for life for going to gigs.

Did the first 3 songs for the mag which I researched on you tube to familiarize myself with the pyro cues. Stayed for the rest of the show as Anna had sorted us with brilliant seats, I think Rammstein was probably one of the best shows I've ever seen. An absolute assault on the senses, would really like to see it again as I'm sure I missed loads of the little details! Sonisphere can't come soon enough...

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Had a shoot with the Futures today at the Gibson Office. Basically they are an old band minus two members with an added new guy so made sure to give Christian a load of stick which he took quite well! The ironic part was he photographed the best out of the whole band with his Orlando Bloom looks!

Stopped in at Direct to see the Briese Lighting and Red Cameras demo which seemed to consist of loads of beer and not much information. Heard some of the prices on the lights and really makes you wonder who can actually afford them? Gear it really doesn't excite me to be honest, you should be able to get the job done with whatever is to hand!

Met up with Paul, Tom, and Ian near London Bridge for a bit of food and a few drinks. Once Ian had left (ahem deadlines!) the real drinking began, finished the night off stumbling back to the tube dropping Paul at Waterloo while Tom and I went the Victoria, Heath, Brighton route home. Top night out!

Here's a shot of Andrew from Wolfmother doing the this week's K! quiz out today...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A sporting clip sent my way for a laugh today, and the other side of the Olympics here.

Also saw this today too, looks like my "shot" of the year from 2008 of Slash is still relevant!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Made for Oh! Studios think it's been almost a year since I was last here. Did a shoot today with the Straight Lines, who were well up for the crazy idea that the Fish had for this shoot. Pam did almost all of the set design once we figured out where to place everyone which will be revealed in Kerrang! soon. Also had a little help from the Kerrang! work experience Holly, who apparently really likes the Lostprophets.

Shoot turned out really well I think, and there will be very minimal p-shop which is really nice for a change!

Rocked it home on the usual late running service of Southern. Stop spending money on bug ads with some fake Mexican and put another line in! You don't have to advertise to the people of Brighton as it's not like we have a choice with which trains to take!

Here's a shot of All Forgotten which is in Wednesday's K!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spent most of the day at home while the Fish "endured" the tattoo convention with Matt.

Sorted a few things for the week to come and after a lovely roast we hit the Windmill Pub. For the quiz tonight we were down a player but I think it was the tough questions in the beginning as we bombed the first round and ended up 5th after a game of catch-up!

Another shot from the game last week...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

With an unwell Fish kept close to home today, after a little food and painkiller she felt much better.

Watched Blade Runner for the first time, very interesting film which I know I need to see again to completely catch all the the things I missed. With better feeling Fish we ended up going for some late night drinks with Matt Butler who was in town for the tattoo convention.

Great night out I think a trip to see Matt, Holly, and the twins will be on the cards soon!

Here's a shot of Zoltan and Ivan from Five Finger Death Punch, the smartest band in Kerrang! according to the quiz.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Very grateful for Craig and Matt's idea of driving back close to the airport so we didn't have to get up too early this morning. Once checked in bumped into James and Neil of Biffy fame who were off to Stockholm. A little bit of snow delayed our plane a bit but still managed to get back to Gatwick for noon.

Tom came down for dinner and a few drinks which was a good laugh. Was quite hard to find a restaurant that would take us as it was really busy. After settling on Pizza Express ended up in the William the Fourth pub as there are always seats on the weekend!

Here's a shot from this week's K! of Blackstorm which was basically shot it that a few weeks ago.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another very early rise to get to Gatwick this morning. Surprisingly not hung over after Simon Sarin and I had depleted the Stamford Bridge hospitality bar of their whiskey last night. Speaking of which when I woke up around 5am was greeted with some hilarious texts from him, about the Rolling Stones numbing the journey and waking up on a night bus on the other side of London!

Met up with Matt at Gatwick and we flew onto Glasgow where we had to wait around for a car rental as the one given to us had a flat tire. Once Craig joined us and a new car was sorted we drove to the Ardrhu Holiday Cottages about 2 hours north of Glasgow in a village called Onich.

Bring Me The Horizon were writing their new record there so once we arrived with the fading light rushed an outdoor shoot before then finishing inside. Shoot went very well as the guys were their usual up for anything attitude, such a stunning location and would have been good to do more outside. (pic by Matt Ash) Also got to meet Oskar who I'm sure at some point will make an appearance in Kerrang! Once finished while the band had a meeting and played some new songs to Craig and Matt I edited, and sent the photos right away as there was a very tight deadline on it. Look for it next Wednesday!

After finishing up went for a curry in Fort William and then drove back to Glasgow which was decided would be easier for Matt than having to get up silly early to do the drive in the morning. Had a great chat on the way back and then crashed out at the Holiday Inn right beside the airport. Bit of deja vu as it was a BMTH job last October where we stayed at the exact same hotel...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Got up to Fulham Broadway for 530 to meet Simon. Hit a pub and then we carried onto Stamford Bridge. Simon was gracious enough to offer me a hospitality ticket to the Chelsea/Birmingham game tonight.

Had a great laugh, loads of booze and food, saw a few goals, and then managed to lose each other on the walk to the tube. Met up with David though and we caught the train all the way back to Brighton.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Went up to town with the 845ers who for today had morphed into the 919's. Carried onto Birmingham to meet up with 2/5's of ispystrangers for a shoot where the rest of the band were waiting in the beautiful Sutton Park. Had a cold quick "muddy" shoot and then headed back to the train station. Made it back to London for 530 as we couldn't be late for the show we had tickets for.

Jerry Sadowitz at the Leicester Square Theatre, not a show where you would dare turn up late! I must say it was very entertaining, and a very enjoyable evening. He even answered a question I put on here a few weeks ago with some very definitive descriptions! Not sure why but I must be a magnet to idiots sitting near me in the crowd, many times would I have loved to tell the woman behind to shut up, I think had Jerry done 5 more minutes he would have turned on her and her rather loud arguing.

When people ask who would you most like to photograph I would definitely have him at the top of my list. Wouldn't dare take one during the show for fear of ridicule so here's one from the earlier trip to Sutton Park.

Monday, January 25, 2010

A day of retouch catch up, snooze! They announced a load of bands for this year's Download festival today, ACDC will be good but hopefully Stone Temple Pilots have kept the old magic alive.

Here's an old pic of Scott Weiland in STP from mid 2000.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Took the day off after 5 days of straight shoots. Now the p-shop and retouch begin and pretty much end tomorrow for the week.

Hit the quiz and with a storming last round which featured way more teams than normal we came a competitive 4th... A couple of album covers got the better of us in the picture round, they were classics but still almost as forgettable as the current releases you see. More inspired artwork please, check out Gama Bomb's current release for instance.

Here's the pic taken by Talita that I mentioned yesterday!